PlantPlant & Co.

Doing what Plants do best. Developing Software.

What we do

Game Design

We design and develop games. There’s not much more to it.

Software Tools

We do more than just games. We offer tools too.


We have a great community. Why not join us?

We have rockets

Want a rocket? We have them.

Our vision

At PlantPlant & Co we realize that it might be hard for some people to make new connections. Our goal is to allow people to connect with eachother in the easiest way possible. This doesn’t just mean reconnect with old friends, but we also want to help you make new connections.

Who we are

Adrian Plantenga

Adrian Plantenga


Adrian has an extensive experience in hosting gameservers, with his most successful venture being FreeCraft, a prosocial Minecraft server.

Colin Rosen

Colin Rosen

Lead Programmer & Game Designer

Colin is an experienced programmer, with most of his experience lying in web development, game development and game design

Katie Budgen

Katie Budgen

Design & Support

Katie has a lot of affinity with her creative mind and designing. She also has years of experience with customer service.

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