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We dream of connecting people with each other through games. We have years of experience on how to host prosocial gameservers – after years of thinking how things can be even better, but being limited by the technical abilities of certain games, we want to try to make our own. Our games will always have a strong focus on the social aspects; we believe that this makes or breaks games.

We make games in which communities can form, and community owners are given the tools to properly manage this and make a community stand out, each in their own way. Audiences are generally difficult to define, but we believe that games that support communities can create the best ones. Previously we simply didn’t have the tools to make our communities even better. We make games that provide sufficient creativity, options and customisation. So that other people will be able to create and nurture their community in a dedicated environment.

The PlantPlant & Co team currently consists of 3 people, all of which met each other online, and are now working together to make the best community-inspired games!

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